Emirati Impressions is an online platform that aims to provide readers an insight into  adventures and stories from around the world, portrayed through Emirati author’s experiences, Sara Galadari. Emirati Impressions is a versatile blog, with articles about traveling, outdoor activities, female empowerment, cuisine, entertainment, culture, and issues that are pertinent to today’s world. Emirati Impressions hopes to draw attention to different aspects of the world that are sometimes overlooked, recognize events and establishments, and give readers a taste of how beautifully diverse the world is.
Sara Galadari is an avid writer who enjoys channelling her creative resources into creating stories for her readers. Sara is the author of novels, City of Stars and The Pigeon Chronicles. She is currently a student at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon, finishing up her Master’s degree in Communication.


  • Born at the ripe old age of 0 in 1994 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (before all the high-rise buildings popped up).
  • B.A. in Communication from Portland State University.
  • M.S. in Communication in progress.
  • Author of novels, City of Stars and The Pigeon Chronicles, both of which are available on Amazon or Kindle.