Planning a Wedding? Never Fear, JW Marriott Marquis Dubai is Here!

Wedding season is approaching, and brides and grooms are scrambling to secure their venues, cakes, flowers, center pieces, color schemes, dresses, suits… the (overwhelming) list goes on!

For couples who are looking to have some of the pressures of abiding by the social norms of wanting-to-have-the-perfect-wedding-day inflicted stress removed off of their shoulders, the search has come to an end. The JW Marriot Marquis Dubai hotel, the tallest hotel in the world, has a collection of award winning features that create the perfect wedding experience for the bride and groom, including, but not limited to, packages, attractions, event spaces, as well as access to certified planners, all of which contribute to creating the perfect wedding experience- minus all of the stress!

The JW Marriot Marquis Dubai prides itself in perfecting and delivering every single detail that that the happy couple requests for their special day, and accentuates their ability to match the authenticity of cultural wedding experiences for couples who want to highlight and honor their culture on their wedding day. With Dubai’s diverse population, with over 70% being expats from all corners of the world, it’s no surprise that the wedding planners at the hotel have organized everything from Nigerian weddings to Indian weddings (right down to the specific region and its distinct cultures), matching every single detail to its respective traditional wedding experience. That being said, the hotel is also popular venue for destination weddings.

One of the highlights of the wedding experience at the JW Marriot Marquis Dubai hotel is the Dubai Ballroom, one of the largest ballrooms in the Middle East, being able to fit up to 900 guests at a time. Additionally, every single aspect about the ballroom can be transformed to personalize and satisfy the couples’ requirements for their wedding day, from the color of the lights to monogramming each plate and cup set at the tables.

The hotel also takes care of what is arguably the most iconic features of a wedding: the cake. Cakes by La Farine is a contemporary French cafe and bakery which is located in the lobby of the hotel. Towering cakes are on display in front of the bakers’ station, and cake artists are seated in front of mounds of fondant, carefully crafting perfect flowers and delicate designs which fit the bride and groom’s wedding cake vision. The cakes are custom designed for every couple, providing drawings and 3D illustrations of the cake for approval before they are baked to perfection. They also create custom cakes for other occasions, like Elsa and Winnie the Pooh cakes for children’s parties.


The hotel provides different spa packages for the bride and groom at Saray Spa, ranging anywhere from soothing salt soaks, with the salt being imported from Jordan’s Dead Sea, to luxurious steam rooms. A simple walk through the spa and its 17 different treatment rooms can having a soothing effect, having different concoctions of eucalyptus and lemon grass aromas wafting through the spa. Some lucky couples can also score the presidential suite for their wedding day, which is a luscious two-story suite with panoramic views of Downtown Dubai. The bedroom is decorated with fresh rose petals, and has a jacuzzi-bubble bath waiting for the couple for after their wedding day.


The hotel also has highly distinguished chefs at their restaurants, working tirelessly to produce beautiful, authentic dishes that are approved for the couple and their guests. The chefs pride themselves in providing accurately-crafted cultural foods to the guests, giving them the privilege of experiencing mouth-watering cultural delicacies and comfort food alike.

The JW Marriot Marquis Dubai hotel truly goes above and beyond to provide happy couples and their guests with the ultimate wedding experience. Sign me up!


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