Bentley Enters the Race for World’s Largest Showroom

Anyone who knows anything about cars would be left with starstruck eyes if a Bentley rolled up towards them. What makes Bentley so great, one might ask?

A trip to the newly inaugurated Bentley Emirates showroom in Dubai, UAE, would answer all of your questions. Dubbed as the largest Bentley showroom in the world, Bentley Emirates is three stories high, with each floor dedicated to showcasing the best products that Bentley has to offer. In addition to cars, Bentley products range from custom made car seats, luggage designed to perfectly fit in the trunk of a Bentley,high-end purses and even patisseries,. Each product is seamlessly and professionally handcrafted to the customer’s preference, with up to 40 hours of stitching on the interior of their cars to give it that infamous Bentley polished image.

The Bentley showroom is designed specifically for the Middle East, having a Bentley Majlis built to give the whole building an Arabian feel to it. On top of the building is a rooftop terrace, beautifully lit to give a calm, elegant ambiance that mirrors Bentley’s reputation. The Bentley showroom is hard to miss, easily visible from Sheikh Zayed Road, and illuminated with 160,000 LED lights proudly emblazoning the UAE flag on the outside.

The Bentley showroom also houses the Mulliner Suite, every car fanatic’s dream come true. The Mulliner Suite allows the guest to customize and personalize every single aspect of their car: the shape and size of the seats, embroidery, carpets, and the exterior paintwork of the Bentley. There was even an instance where a woman wanted her car to match her favorite nail polish, and painted the employee’s nail to demonstrate the exact hue she wanted her car to sport, and of course, Bentley delivered.


For all of you Bentley fans, a trip to the Bentley Emirates showroom is definitely something to throw onto your bucket list.



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